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The digital world is a data driven, where connectivity matters the most. The prime source of this connectivity is data. The evolution of internet has completed changed the digital world, with much interaction happening through online medium. Online networks today forms the major part of this communication link. Internet and data are now becoming very critical part of our lifeline. As the expansion of network grew exponentially so does the importance of data and data services providing become highly critical to our own survival. One such company that is providing best data services is Wind stream.

Windstream Customer Support Number


Windstream holding is one such pioneer leading voice and data network communication, providing company in the world. It has one of the biggest networks in the north American region that provides million of customers quality internet connection both at wire and wireless network. It is the country ninth largest residential telecom operator in the American region, covering more than 8.1 million user base. Wind stream customer service number helps their new customer to connects with the representative in order to take a new connection or regarding any queries and previous customer for the feedbacks.

But unlike all the services, the user sometimes do faces certain critical issues, one of them for which Windstream technical support number gets a lot of queries is regarding troubleshooting the Internet connection . Since most of the time the issue is not quite technically complicated and it can be fixed without much further support from the company team. Here are Some of the common procedures to solve the issue of Internet connection without much help of technical support.

1. First of all a User must pursue power cycling process of their windstream modem, in which a user can turn off the modem and also the third party software and devices       like routers, switch should be kept at down position. Restart the devices, especially modem after two minutes.

2. One must ensure that all the lights on the modem are working properly, one must notice the colour of the lights to check whether the data and power connection is

3. working properly. Let's look at some of the light indicating in the modem, what they basically signify to check whether they are working properly.

4. Power : if power is off, it will show no color of light, but when the power is working properly then it will show the green light and when the power signal is Red it means it       is in rescue mode.

5. Internet : If power is off then internet connection will be off, but when it is green it means that it is steady connected and if the green signal is blinking it means it is

6. that connection attempt is in progress. If it is red , then it means it has authentication failure and one need to contact the customer care.

7. Wireless/ Lan connection : similar condition for both LAN as well as wireless connection, If it's off it means no wireless device connected. If it is green, it means it is connected and the data connection is proper. If it blinking traffic is congested.

Windstream Contact Number


Even after knowing these procedures, one could not able to solve the problems, then Call on by windstream Contact number you will find by visiting their website and clicking on the support and then on Contact. Windstream has some wonderful top tech expert which are well versed in the respective domain with tons of experience. It 24*7 expert team will help you to solve the issue at the minimal time.