Sky Email Customer Service Number



In today's world, there are a large number of email services through which the users get the help to contact their peers and friends for friendly and business relations. Among all those email services, sky email is one of the most popular email services currently existing in the world today. This is because of the extraordinary features which the Sky email provides to its users. In this article, you will find how the Support Team of Sky email helps the users to find the solutions to the troublesome issues.


So, the sky mail customer service number helps the users to fix the following issues within a fraction of a few seconds.


  • Unable to send the same emails to multiple accounts.
  • Unable to reset the password of the Sky Email account.
  • Unable to configure the SMTP and POP3 settings of the Sky Email account.
  • Unable to create a new email account and delete an existing account.
  • Unable to enable the Javascript on the browser while using this account.
  • Unable to check the settings for date and time.
  • Unable to check the status for current email service.


So, whenever you have to encounter any of the troublesome issues mentioned above, then it's the time to quickly contact the customer support team of the Sky Email. Doing this will enable all the users to fix their issues immediately. Although there are a large number of ways for contacting them, but it is recommended to all the frustrated users of Sky Email that the first step which they should take on facing some issues is to dial the Sky mail customer support number. The reason for the highly recommendation of this number is that the users will be provided 24 x 7 and 365 days access to the step by step tutorials for troubleshooting each of the Sky Email issues.