How To Get MSN Email On iPhone

MSN is a portal designed with the services such as internet facilities along with the applications for the computers and mobile related service provided by Microsoft.Is is furnished in a fashion that there are many new applications such as news, entertainment, weather and many more. MSN has captured a large number of people and also it has provided a email service too due to which many people are using this service. The features of the MSN and the tools too is what is capturing part of it.

 Steps for setting up MSN email in Iphone:

Setup MSN Email on iPhone is a good option as this is a different ways because many people feel that using or accessing the features is little complicated but then just the below simple steps and as these steps are easy to understand.

  1. Firstly, choose the “Settings” options.
  2. Then move down where it says Mail, Contacts
  3. Choose the option “Add account” and choose Other
  4. After “Add Mail Account” then in the “New Account” and mention the below details:
  • Name (user name)
  • Email address (MSN mail id only)
  • Password ( MSN password)
  • Information (MSN)
  1. Below Incoming Mail Server, mention the required:
  • Name of the Host
  • Name of the user
  • The password
  1. Then, Outcoming Mail Server, give the below details:
  • Enter the Hostname like
  • Then the username the MSN email
  • The MSN password
  1. After the above then choose the “Save” and on the next screen.
  2. Move down, below Outgoing Mail server, select  SMTP.
  3. Just below the main Main server, choose, please make sure the below information is seen.
  • The name of the SSL
  • The serverpost
  1. Choose the option “Done” then move to the previous screen.
  2. Now choose, just check if the below details are mentioned correctly.
  3. Move back to the previous screen.
  4. Just to check if the email account is formed correctly or not, tap the option of Messages after which check if sending and receiving mail is working or not.

After going through the all of the steps it is clear that setting up is not a tough job in Iphone. However there are chances that the can be issues while setting as you never know what can happen so in case there is any issue the user can simply MSN Customer Service Number which available always and just by calling the user will end up speaking to the experts and as you should know that the these experts are fully equipped with knowledge and they have all the required language which is needed by the experts to guide the user and solve all the queries and the customer takes a positive feedback about the services provided by the user which is of great advantage for the company in its own way. The service is remarkable.