how to connect pinterest to facebook

Pinterest is a unique and creative web application which is presented by a US based person. This is basically a mobile application which a user can entertain for the purpose of sharing photos, ideas and any creative and interesting stuff.


This is the era of social media, today in the busy schedule rarely people find time for outings with their near and dear ones so connecting those people with the help of platforms like facebook and twitter is very useful. These social media applications has help the people from different places to exchange their views and ideas on a single platform.


Pinterest has also arrived into the market with the same motive of connecting people to exchange their thoughts and ideas, so that those ideas could change the way people deal with this world.Now with the help of latest trends in technology we can even connect different mobile and web applications, like we can connect twitter and pinterest to our facebook account.


In order to know how to connect pinterest to facebook, you need to follow certain steps as written below:-

  • first of all open a web browser, then just sign into your pinterest account
  • then a page would appear, where on the top right corner you will see menu button
  • there you need to put your user name, now you are into your account now just open the option saying SETTINGS
  • now proceed to the next page where on the left pane you will see an option saying SOCIAL INTERFACE, just click on it
  • now under that option in the drop down menu you need to click on USE YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT TO LOGIN TO YOUR toggle button
  • then a facebook pop up box would appear there you need to enter credentials for your fb account, i.e username and password
  • then just click the OK tab on this login page of fb
  • then you need to again go back to your pinterest account, since there you need to save all the settings you have done
  • once you follow these steps now you can share your pins on the fb timeline.