How to Connect D-Link Wireless Router

D-Link is one the leading Networking Equipment manufacturing Company. It offers services in the Broadband, Voice, Data, Networking and much more. D-Link mostly update its products and give the new and advanced features on the same. D-Link Router featured with wire and wireless. Now you can connect your device with the wireless router and to do the same, you just have to follow the few steps listed below.

How to Connect D-Link Wireless Router

 1. From your browser, open D-Link and Login into the Router with your username and password.

 2. In the next step, click on the “Set-up' tab located at the top of of the menu page.

 3. Set-up page will appear and from there, click on the “Wireless Setting”.

 4. Wireless Setting Page will appear and you just click and tick mark on the box showing “ Enable Wireless” .

 5. Now enter the name of your Network , you can find the same from the list of Wireless setting page.

 6. Thereafter, select WPA2 from the “Security Mode” section. WPA2 is very secure and it is very difficult for the others to crack its password.

 7. In the dialogue box of WPA2, enter the strong password and enter it twice.

 8. After doing all these steps, click on the “Save Setting”. After doing this your wireless network will be enabled.

 9. From your other device, enable Wifi in ON mode and then check your router name in the Wifi network. Select your network, enter the password and access the Internet.

D-Link aims to deliver the effective services and totally focus on customer satisfaction and as result it eradicates any issues in quick time. Hence enjoy D-Link products and services without any interruption.