How to Block Junk Mail on Rocketmail

RocketMail was the leading Webmail Service Provider and later on, it was acquired by the Yahoo. Being under the Yahoo, the features of the RocketMail enhanced a lot and provided the optimum services to the users. The best part is, the RocketMail users can access the Emails through the RocetMail domain but it is not applicable for the new users. RocketMail understands the customer's needs and hence blocks the Junk Mail, as these emails are unworthy and may cause a threat to your device. To protect your device, the RocketMail blocks the Junk Emails. Now, let's see how to access such feature.

How To Block Junk Mail On RocketMail

Navigate to the YahooMail.

Sign in with your RocketMail domain and click Continue.

Now click on the Setting, located at the top right of the page.

Scroll down and select Blocked Address.

Beneath the same, enter the email address which you want to block.

Thereafter click Block and further click Save.

Hence, you have successfully blocked the spam.


The other process is the Unsubscribe, if you think that the message is not fruitful for you, then you can unsubscribe the same and after doing this, you will not receive the further emails from the agency, but the effect may take some time. To perform such activity follow the steps listed below.

Go to the YahooMail.

Sign in with your RocketMail domain.

Now, click on the Email which is not favorable for you.

In the Email, you will find the link Unsubscribe, click on it.

Thereafter a dialogue box will appear about the confirmation of your action. Confirm it and click Next.

Finally, you have unsubscribed the unwanted emails from your Inbox.

If still persist any issue, then feel free to dial on RocketMail Technical Support Number. The techies will provide the effective solution of any issue. They have multiple years of experience, so you can utilize their skills to enjoy the services of the RocketMail. The best part is, the number is feasible 24*7, so you can make a call anytime as per your need and convenience, the techies uses advanced and improved technology to provide the optimum solution to any issue.