How To Add Charter Email To iPhone

The charter email account is known as a webmail account which used by the numerous users to share the resources to the multiple clients. It is associated with the multiple features and products which are quite essential for the users while managing Charter email account on any devices like iPhone and Android. As a matter of fact, Having a few troubles about the right strategies which must be utilized to clear up every one of the challenges which one may confront if there should arise an occurrence of secret key configuring/overlooking troubles on iPhone.

There are several users who are highly interested in adding the charter email account to the iPhone and for that, they are required configuring this webmail account on that particular device. But they don`t know how to add the charter email account to iPhone, for this matter, they are always free to contact tech support team to who offer the perfect and effectual guidelines to resolve the issue in no time.

To add charter email account a user is required to follow the steps as listed below:


At first, open iPhone device and then launch the Safari internet browser and tap to settings.


  • 1. Select the Mail, Calendar, Contact and then move to the next option.
  •  2. Tap the other email service and then tap the add email account.
  •  3. Choose Charter email account and then enter the email ID and password.
  •  4. Tap the IMAP or POP mail server and then tap the add button.
  •  5. Type and move to the next button.
  •  6. Tap the SMTP mail server and then tap the add button.
  •  7. Type and move to the next button.
  •  8. Select the SSL mail server and tap the yes button to secure webmail account on iPhone.
  •  9. Now enter the password at the end of the procedure.
  • After following the above-mentioned steps he can setup Charter email account on his iPhone device thoroughly.