Get The Easy Ways To Link Or Unlink Your Skype And MSN

Skype is an IP telephony service provider that offers calling between free calling between subscribers to subscribers and low cost calling to people. It also provides facility of file transfers,texting,video chat and video conferencing. In the same way Msn is the best emailing platform that is providing its users a lot unique features and facilities. Millions of users are using this services and many more are adding to these services day by day. The user can send and receive emails and also can search any information required to them related to any field. It also offers auto spell check,auto contact saving,strong spam email filters and avery large box to store information. While using the services ,the situations can arise where you want to link your Skype and Msn,in such case you can follow the given steps:-

1. The user need to open the Skype window ,and click Microsoft account.

2. Then the user should enter his Microsoft user name and password.Click sign in.

3. The user will then directed to the page where he/she will find the option of I have Skype account button  and The user need to click on it.

4. Then click your Skype account name.

5.  After that a field will appear ,there you have to enter your Skype account password and then sign in.

6. In the further process you will need your Microsoft user name to sign in to Skype. Nowclick continue to merge your Msn and Skype.

7. Now the user will directed to the to set sound ,video settings and profile picture .You need to click continue to begin.

8. On the next screen,you can adjust your speaker ,microphone and video settings and then click continue.

9. To add your profile picture later you can click on the Add later option and then click continue.

If you find difficulty while following the above steps you can take the help of Msn customer service . The experts are always ready to help you. Now after discussing the steps to link your Skype and msn you must be interested to know the steps unlink your Skype and Msn.

The steps are easy and following:-

1. Open the Skype and then access your profile by tapping on your name in the status bar.

2. The user then need to click on Manage.

3. The user then will directed to page where several options will be given .But to unlink your account , scroll down to the Account details area. Then in the settings and preferences section click on Account settings.

4. In the accounts settings page, You’ll get the option to unlink your account.

5. Click on it to finish unlinking process.

The above process could be problematic to you to some extent and it may happen that you may look for some support .In such case calling the Msn contact number will be much helpful to you . If you are facing any technical issue related to Msn you can call the toll free number of msn services as they are ready 24/7 to solve your issues in minimum time. You can take their support for various issues such as Msn sign up and sign in issues, password reset and recovery issues, issues related to sending and receiving issues, file attachment problems,spam email errors and many more. The dedicated and experienced professionals have the capability to deal with the most complex email technical issues. So, never hesitate to call them and get the help for your issues. You can also avail their free email service to get the help for your technical issues. The experts are always ready to give you the best possible support.